Rose Barometers


Welcome to the homepage of H.N. Rose barometers.

Due to the sudden passing of the owner Andreas Rose, we will soon close. The owner of H.N. Rose barometers, Andreas Rose, passed away suddenly Wednesday afternoon, December 4. In the coming days, his colleague will be present to arrange the sale, but the store will soon close.

For offline business contact call +31 10 4262902, for online contact we will not be easily accessible at the moment. For urgent online matters, mail to this address.

We manufacture, repair and trade barometers, clocks and other scientific instruments for over 5 decades. We also supply professional measure instruments like thermometers and density meters for the industry.

On this site you can find a small selection of our products, our occasions and antique stock. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. We speak English.

We can make any barometer or thermometer tube and many more things. We have our own glassblower, woodworker and metal repair. We have a large stock of replacements for antique instruments.

We can make your thermometer if you have a drawing of the scale or you give us the measurements.

If you push on the banner with the shopping car, you will come in our webshop. Here you find many things that can be send. Prices are incl. tax (21%) and without shipping costs. If you order something we we will contact you about delivery and transportcosts. If you have a VAT nr we can send goods without tax.

Please keep in mind that instruments containing mercury can not be shipped. Please don’t send us mercury containing packages. You risk a large fine.

If you have anything for sale please contact us. We prefer things that need repair. So if the tubes are broken no problem, we will replace them anyway.